Our school

AZC-school “de Bazaar” is a public primary school for refugee children in the age of 4-13 years. The school will have a duration of 3-5 years and has started October 1 2016. The school is located at the AZC center, children live next to the school.  The center has place for 500 asylum seekers. The school can take 50 children.

De school is located at Lange Kleiweg 72, 2288 GK Rijswijk, at the edge of an industrial - and office area in Rijswijk, close to highway A4,  the Wilhelminapark and the railway station of Rijswijk.


Onze students

The origine of our students is divers but most of the children are from Syria, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Turkey, Afghanistan en Irak. Students stay at our school until the family will either move to a permanent place or moves to a next shelter.


Public education

Public schools are open to all children no matter their religion or social standard. It means that we have respect for all religions and backgrounds. 

Stichting Librijn is responsible for all public primary schools in Delft and Rijswijk. There are 11 primary schools (about 3000 students and 320 employees).


De Bazaar is administrative an annex of Steenvoordeschool, Dr. Poelslaan 2-4, 2285 VD Rijswijk

Administration number is: 12WB